15/04/04 Artimus Crisis @ The Masons Arms, Llanelli.
Support: Open Mic Night.

25/03/04 The Boney Kings of Nowhere @ The Masons Arms, Llanelli.
Supporting TFI Blues and Samsarah


17/09/03 Artimus Crisis @ Steboneath FC, Llanelli. Support: The 9ine, Samsara, Erin Tarn and The Boney Kings of Nowhere Pictures of this gig

11/09/03 Boney Kings Masons

05/09/03 Artimus Crisis @ Furnaced! 2003: Furnace RFC, Llanelli.
Support: The 9ine, Samsara, Akurah Development and The Boney Kings of Nowhere
GIG CANCELLED - Venue has no Public Entertainment License

28/08/03 Artimus Crisis @ The Venue, Llanelli.
Support: Erin Tarn, Turbo Shandy, Akurah Development and Piledriver

07/08/03 Artimus Crisis @ Stamps, Llanelli.
Support: Akurah Development

30/07/03 Artimus Crisis @ Kavannagh's, Llanelli.
Support: Samsara and Turbo Shandy
Pictures of this gig

26/07/03 Aled Price & Jason Morgan and The Boney Kings of Nowhere @ Andystock Festival, Pendyne.

24/07/3 Paraffinalien @ The Mason's Arms, Llanelli.
Supporting The Lovers of Alginoil.

22/07/03. Paraffinalien @ Stamps, Station Rd, Llanelli.
Support from Alun Hughes and Artimus Crisis.

22/04/03. Paraffinalien @ The Ultimate Furnace Festival - Developed by the Mind of Andrew Lawler, Furnace RFC, Llanelli.
Featured: Hundred Yards Ahead, First Time Round, Engineering, Paraffinalien and The Uninvited.

21/04/03 Paraffinalien @ The Office, Swansea.
Supporting Afterglow, with Lloyd and Ellis of Tedo/Defresne.

10/04/03 Paraffinalien @ The Mason's Arms, Llanelli.
Supporting Lazy Eye and Akurah Developement.

03/04/03 Paraffinalien @ The Venue, Station Rd, Llanelli.
Alternative Llanelli Promotions event supporting Lazy Eye with Demon Pet.


27/09/02 Shredder/Paraffinalien at Stebonheath RFC, Llanelli.
Supporting The Tremblin' Kness.

06/09/02 Paraffinalien @ the Mount Pleasant, Aberdare.
Supporting Jailbait, with Dreadlocked, Ameeba and Spoonfed.

30/08/02 Paraffinalien feat. Ellis Davies at the Royal British Legion, Llanelli.
Supporting Sons/Suns of Thunder with Dreadlocked.

28/08/02 Paraffinalien feat. Ellis Davies @ Battle of the Bands, the SOL BAR, Llanelli.
Competing with Lazy Eye, Fixated Fur and Hondo McClean. Supporting Shelter.

15/08/02, at Stamps, Llanelli.
With Tedo and Jailbait.

09/08/02 Paraffinalien @ The Club, Queen Victoria Rd, Llanelli.
Support: Demon Pet.

01/08/02 Paraffinalien @ Kavannahs, Llanelli.
with 21 Against, Lazy Eye, Pig Shit and Off Ramp.

25/07/02 Paraffinalien at Stamps, Llanelli.
Support: Tedo, Dreadlocked and Lazy Eye.




25/07/01 Artimus Crisis @ Kavannaghs, Llanelli (Menter Iaith gig)
Support: Shredder, TÚdo and Paragon Blue

04/07/01 Artimus Crisis @ Stamps, Llanelli.
Support: TÚdo and Shredder
Pictures of this gig

23/06/01 Shredder @ Felinfoel Brewery, Llanelli.

22/05/01 Artimus Crisis @ Sol Bar, Llanelli.
Battle of the Bands 2001 FINAL with Tyderium and the Juzu Kings.

15/05/01 Artimus Crisis and Shredder @ Sol Bar, Llanelli.

27/04/01 Artimus Crisis and Shredder @ Post Office Social Club, Swansea.
Supporting Fast Car Waiting

27/04/01 Shredder @ Coleg y Graig

17/04/01 Artimus Crisis @ Battle of the Bands, Sol Bar, Llanelli.
With Four Flaws.

23/03/01 Artimus Crisis @ The Octagon, Llanelli.

12/02/01 Artimus Crisis
Filmed "Tanfor" for S4C's "Heno"

02/02/01 Artimus Crisis @ Church, Swansea